Looking for something different to get your message across ?

At Printed Communication our focus is on your print requirements but we go one step beyond just physically printing. We are what our name suggests, we print and we communicate. Part of our service is to evaluate your company’s print requirements and match up products, formats, colours and materials to provide appropriate solutions for you and your customers. In fact, we can even help you with the design too. We have designers in house ready to provide ideas and layouts to meet your specific brief. Click for more information about our design service and then give us a call.

What could be different?

As a print house, we regularly produce business stationery, NCR and continuous forms, and brochures for our clients. However, we can also offer specialised products such as Z cards.

These are folded promotional cards, in some cases folded like a ‘Z’ hence the name but we can fold them in a variety of ways and they can be completely personalised for your products, customers or corporate requirements. Personalisation is not just about what we print, but also about the quantity, the size, shape and the general ‘make-up’ of the Z card, bringing you a very flexible, cost efficient marketing solution.

A Gallery in Your Pocket

A great direct mail promotion can be very effective at events such as exhibitions or conferences. Z cards are particularly useful in situations where you want to include a lot of information or imagery in a small format, in fact this product can provide you with a ‘gallery in your pocket’!

Z Card Printed CommunicationZ cards are ideal for telling a story about your business – maybe explaining the history and development of your organisation or showing a timeline of product development.

With each side of the folded card you could depict stages in a process – whether it be a production process, how your product works or the service system. Alternatively, Z cards work well in getting key information across with the ability to represent each point with illustrations, images, logos and / or photographs.

This cost efficient marketing tool has high impact and great functionality. If you would like to see an example of these cards then either drop us an email mail@printedcommunication.co.uk or give us a call on 01925 290686.